What to look for with an "Ebook Cover Software"?


Here is a checklist:

1. No Photoshop - Photoshop is great if you want to drop $200 and spend a few days learning how to use it. Some ebook cover software products require photoshop.  3dCoverMaker.com does not require photoshop.

2. Easy-To-Use - You want a product that is "newbie friendly".  With just a few clicks you can instantly create stunning covers with 3dCoverMaker.com.

3. Professional Designs  -  Looks matter when it comes to ebook covers, CD covers,& DVD covers. A good looking cover will increase your sales and build your marketing list. Therefore, having professional designs in place is critical for an Ebook Cover Software.  3dCoverMaker.com includes over 200 professional cover designs.

4. Online Solution - Once again, you want something that's easy to use and can quickly create great looking covers.  An online solution makes it easier. No downloading or uploading of any software products or files. Just login...pick a template...add your text and/or images...and click save.  It's that easy with 3dCoverMaker.com

5. A Great Price - Everybody likes a great deal. You will NOT find a comparable product at our price.  If you need to check, please go to Google right now and do your own search and shop around.  I guarantee you can't find a similar product. In fact, nobody matches the quality of our product or price.  And keep in mind...we include 200+ professional cover designs for free.  


3dCoverMaker.com covers it all.

No Photoshop?  Check

Easy-To-Use? Check

Professional Designs? Check

Online Solution? Check

A Great Price For You?  Check (It's only $9.99 To Signup)


Do you want to learn how you can make covers like these in just a few seconds...


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